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Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm CST
really great salad that we can do for the holidays. it is a ross salad. we have a sun choke which is a tuber from the sunflower family. is very different from the artichoke. it is more like a watercress notwater chestnut. >> if i slice those before they're not going to get dry? >> and would not recommend slicing them a week before but a half-hour or so. >> we have an asian care which a little bit sweeter and more crispy. we're going to add a little bit of sweetness to counter balance the sun choke. you combine these at the store. whole foods would have them. we're gonna add them to the salad also. here we have some cheddar cheese from vermont that we brought from our friends at kestrel cheese shop in chicago. they are always supplying us with the best cheeses we can get. we have which is going to add the leafy body to the salad that we're looking for. hazel nuts and pistachio nuts are going to be the next trend at the salad. and then we have been wracked with local honey that we bought. with any rust that you want to season it not aggressively. there is a lot of water in the pairs so y
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1